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Yellowhead hulafish

Trachinops noarlungae

Description: The Yellowhead hulafish is named for the yellow coloring on its head and its dance-like movements in the water. Yellow can also be seen on the base of the dorsal fin and the caudal fin that has a blue edge. The overall color of the elongated body is gray above and pale on the underside.

Size: This relatively small species reaches a length of only four inches (10.2 cm).

Behavior: They are generally found in schools on coastal reefs, often at the entrance of a cave or overhangs.

Diet: They feed on crabs, fish and larvae.

Reproduction: Females produce a large egg mass that is guarded by the male parent until hatching.

Habitat/range: These fish are often found under jetties or on rocky reefs. They are endemic to the temperate waters of Southern and Western Australia.

Status: This species is not evaluated for IUCN Red List