Guests with Limited Mobility

Complimentary manual wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To use one, the guest must provide an ID card at our admissions entrance, which will be given back when the wheelchair is returned. Keep in mind that weekends, holiday breaks, and summer often bring large volumes of guests to the aquarium, and that mornings tend to be less crowded in general. DWA staff are not able to push guests in wheelchairs around the aquarium.

The Dallas World Aquarium was designed to be wheelchair accessible. Our main entrance includes an accessible ramp. Pathways with ramps and elevators allow guests in wheelchairs access to all exhibits. All restrooms include wheelchair-accessible stalls.

Our DWA pre-paid parking lot is very close to the aquarium and includes handicapped parking spots. Upon arrival, provide the number associated with your parking spot at admissions upon check-in.

Personal Care Attendants

Guests with severe disabilities may be accompanied by paid personal care attendants (PCA) at no additional cost during their visit to the Dallas World Aquarium. This applies to admission, group sales, and membership.

Guests with severe disabilities wishing to purchase advance tickets must email to request a complimentary paid PCA companion ticket. The guest and the paid PCA must pick up these tickets at the admissions entrance upon arrival.

Service Animals

The Dallas World Aquarium welcomes zoo guests with service animals under the guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Under this policy, a service animal is individually trained to perform work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.

The Dallas World Aquarium reserves the right to ask a guest if the service animal is required because of a disability and what the animal is trained to do for the guest. Refusal to answer these questions will be grounds to deny the animal access to the aquarium. Animals whose role is to provide emotional support or comfort do not qualify as service animals under this policy.

While inside the aquarium, the guest must maintain continuous control of the service animal. As the aquarium accommodates large numbers of visitors, the guest must always keep the service animal leashed or tethered. If this policy is not followed, or if the service animal becomes aggressive or agitated, the guest and service animal will be asked to leave the aquarium. It this case, the entrance fee for the guest will be refunded upon request.

We ask that guests with a service animal check in at the admission entrance prior to entering the aquarium so that we can review our policy at the start of your visit.

Infant Care

We offer a nursing station on Level 2 (Orinoco Rainforest – Understudy) as well as a large, quiet area with benches off to the side of Level 1 (Orinoco Rainforest – Aquatic). Most of our restrooms have diaper changing stations as well. These are clearly labeled in our Field Guide, and aquarium staff are also available to guide you in the right direction for these services.

Guests with Differing Communication Styles

The Dallas World Aquarium has Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tools available for our guests who are non-verbal, minimally speaking, or language learning. These tools facilitate communication between the guest, DWA staff, and other aquarium guests.

We offer both a two-sided DWA-specific communication board and a smaller communication card. The card includes a subset of the symbols found on the board. These tools were designed using LessonPix and utilized the knowledge and expertise of professionals and parents. English and Spanish versions can be downloaded in PDF form by clicking the buttons below. Hard copies are also available at the aquarium upon request at our admissions desk.

Communication Board – EnglishCommunication Card – EnglishTablero de Comunicación - EspañolTarjeta de Comunicación - Español

Guests with Sensory Needs

The Dallas World Aquarium understands that some of our guests experience sensory sensitivity and have specific sensory needs. This is especially seen in individuals with autism, PTSD, dementia, among others.

We offer a two-page guide to help visitors with sensory needs prepare for their trip to DWA in a way. The guide is designed to help set these individuals up for success so they can be comfortable and enjoy the experience to its fullest. English and Spanish versions can be downloaded in PDF form by clicking the buttons below.

Sensory Guide - English Guía Sensorial - Español

Coming Soon!

The Dallas World Aquarium is committed to accessibility for all our guests. We are currently developing new means of supporting diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion at our institution. These will be included on this page as they become available.

For any questions or concerns regarding accessibility at the Dallas World Aquarium, please contact us at