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Spinefoot foxface

Siganus uspi

Description: Spinefoot foxface have large dark eyes. The front two-thirds of the body is dark brown and the back one-third is bright yellow. They have venomous dorsal spines.

Size: They grow seven to nine inches (17.8 – 23 cm) in length; females are usually larger than males.

Behavior: They are diurnal (active during the day) and they use their venomous spines for defense. The adults occur in pairs, however the juveniles form schools.

Diet: These herbivores constantly graze on benthic algae, often in large schools.

Reproduction: The male and female move in a circular pattern, releasing gametes into the open water where external fertilization occurs. The small fertilized eggs, then float in the current until they hatch.

Habitat/range: Spinefoot foxface are endemic to the waters of Fiji where they are found among hard corals at the faces of drop-offs at reef edges or in deep pools inside reef crests.

Status: Not evaluated by IUCN Red List.