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Barred spinefoot

Siganus doliatus

Description: The Barred spinefoot, also known as the Scribbled or Two-barred rabbitfish is so named for its striped coloration and its rabbit-like grazing behavior. It is brilliantly colored with metallic blue, silver, green and yellow body patterns. Abrown band runs from the base of the dorsal spine to just below their pectoral fins. This fish has stout venomous spines.

Size: In the wild, Barred spinefoots may reach an adult length of 10 inches (25 cm).

Behavior: Juveniles can often be seen swimming in schools but the adults usually travel in pairs or small groups.

Diet: The Barred spinefoot is herbivorous and its mouth is designed especially for removing algae from the rocks or coral branches. The upper jaw is fixed and only the tip of the mouth can move, creating a nibbling action.

Reproduction: They are pelagic spawners, spawning in groups during a regular lunar phase.

Habitat/range: Found in coral-rich lagoons and coastal reefs from the West Pacific to Eastern Australia.

Status: Not evaluated on the IUCN Red List.