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Starki damselfish

Chrysiptera starcki

Description: Starki damselish are blue with a wide yellow band along their back. The lower part of the jaw is yellow and there are lines on their cheeks. The fins differentiate in color: the dorsal and caudal are yellow; the anal and pelvic are blue. There are yellowish dashes on the pectoral fins and a small black spot.

Size: Adults attain lengths of 3.9 inches (10 cm).

Behavior: Starki damsels are found singly or in small groups. The male of this species tends to and guards the eggs. They can be very territorial, despite their small size and are often seen fiercely defending a crevice or hiding quietly under a coral or clam.

Diet: Their diet consists of plankton and algae.

Communication: To attract females, males will display by swimming back and forth flashing their colors.

Reproduction: The male prepares an area, usually a surface of rubble or coral, for the female to deposit her adhesive eggs. The male will then quickly fertilize the eggs and defend them from intruders until they hatch.

Habitat/range: They inhabit coral reefs, rocky outcrops and crevices on outer reef slopes in the Western Pacific.

Status: Not evaluated for IUCN.