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Crevice spiny lizard

Sceloporus poinsettia

Description: The dorsal color of the Crevice spiny lizard is grayish-green to red. The dorsal scales are large and spiny. A dark band across the neck may be lined with white on either side. The long tail has black and white bands. Males have blue patches on the throat and sides of the belly. The upper side of females and juveniles have dark crossbands.

Size: Including the tail, these adult lizards reach lengths of 5 -11.5 inches (12.7 – 29 cm).

Behavior: These diurnal lizards are active and quick but are considered to be rather shy and nervous and will retreat to rocky crevices when threatened.

Diet: They mainly feed on insects, arthropods and will also consume vegetation that is tender.

Senses: This species is an ambush forager, with vision being their primary sense.

Communication: Males often display to females and advertise territory by displaying their colorful throats and underside. Head bobbing and tail raising may also be observed.

Reproduction: Females give birth to live young in early to mid-summer annually.

Habitat/range: They are usually found in rocky terrains in barren, arid and semi-arid area ranging from southern New Mexico, central Texas and into northern Mexico.

Status: Listed as Least Concern by IUCN.