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Goliath grouper


The Goliath grouper, also referred to as a Jewfish or Giant seabass, is found in the Western Atlantic Ocean, through the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea and into South America. It is also found off the west coast of Africa and from the Baja peninsula through Central America. It occurs in shallow, inshore waters as an adult and can be found as a juvenile in mangroves and brackish estuaries. It is territorial in nature and can be seen displaying an open mouth and quivering when approached by unwanted intruders. The Goliath grouper can also produce a rumbling sound by contracting the muscles of its airbladder. It is the largest of the Sea basses and can weigh more than 800 pounds. It is an important commercial species, especially in the sport fishing industry. It is protected by law in US waters, and fishing for this species is prohibited.

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