The Dallas World Aquarium
Education Curriculum

Hello Teacher,

We are so happy you will be visiting us! A field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium is both enjoyable and educational. Through our amazing animals and beautiful naturalistic exhibits, we aim to inspire your students to gain a new appreciation for and desire to conserve our planet and all those who live upon it.

Would you like to dive deeper into science topics relating to your field trip? Are you looking for fun, interactive lessons that align with the TEKS for Science? If your answer is yes, this curriculum is for you.

The interactive lessons and activities contained within add educational value to your field trip and leave your students inspired and excited about topics in science, animals, and our planet. They can also be easily modified for use in the classroom without the field trip.

Begin your experience with an introductory lesson, designed to be appropriate for all grades. Click below to download the lesson plan:

Introductory Lesson: Getting to Know The Dallas World Aquarium

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

3rd – 5th Grade

6th – 8th Grade

9th – 12th Grade

Additionally, we offer teacher informational packets that include stunning detail on a variety of topics related to our animals and exhibits. Each contains a wealth of information on the following topics. Click on each to download:




Mundo Maya



Living Seas

Reptiles & Amphibians

Dive in and enjoy!

The Dallas World Aquarium Education Department

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