Alexander Pilar Blanco Marquez D.V.M.

Programa de Conservación del Águila Harpía (Project Harpy Eagle Conservation)
Caracas, Venezuela

Dr. Blanco, a wildlife veterinarian, has dedicated his career to the conservation of South American species. It is his work with the Harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja) that has received particular interest and support of the DWA. He has been advisor to different countries of its distribution, such as Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuela. In 1992, the “Project Harpy Eagle Conservation in Venezuela” was created to observe and gather population data of the species in its natural habitat and to ensure their protection. Techniques for captive propagation and reintroduction were developed. The DWA has been working in conjunction with Venezuela since 1997 with various projects and activities, including a study for wild Harpy eagles in Venezuela. Products of this research are the knowledge of nesting, parental care of the chicks, chick development, feeding habits and distribution of the species in Venezuela.