Endangered Birds of Mexico

Breeding center: Vida Silvestre Jesus Estudillo Lopez (VSJEL) www.visitaelnido.com

In 1952, in a jungle-setting in Ixtapaluca, Mexico, Dr. Jesus Estudillo Lopez, renowned ornithologist, researcher and veterinarian, started a life-long career to preserve endangered species. Until his death in 2010, his more than 300 species (many endangered) at “La Siberia”, now known as Vida Silvestre Jesus Estudillo Lopez, were considered to be among the largest and most diverse private bird collections in the world. During the past several years, the DWA has been involved with VSJEL, particularly with cracids, cotingas, raptors and trogons. This relationship has allowed for the exchange of not only species, but successful husbandry practices and dietary emphasis. The park, known as El Nido (The Nest), is open to the public. Home to 3,000 birds and 320 different species, including the quetzal with its brilliant green plumage, the park is helping bring endangered species back from the brink of extinction.