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Blackeye goby

Rhinogobiops nicholsii

Description: The body of the Blackeye goby (Rhinogobiops nicholsii) is usually a light beige to olive in color with darker spots and mottling. The body coloration and its spots can change if needed. A thick black edge can be seen on the fore-dorsal fin. The raised, big black eyes are responsible for its common name.

Size: Average length is six to seven inches (15 – 18 cm).

Behavior: They are active during the day and are very territorial, staying close to their selected burrow.

Diet: Its diet includes amphipods, mollusks and crustaceans.

Reproduction: Blackeye gobies start life as females and later change to males. Males scrape bottom of rocks or crevices clean to attract females. After the female deposits her eggs, they are guarded by the male until they hatch. Males may form harem groups that include several females.

Habitat/range: Range is from British Columbia to Baja, CA where it prefers sandy areas near rocks. Found in intertidal areas to depths of 450 feet (137 m).

Status: IUCN: Not Evaluated.