Located near the Historic West End in downtown Dallas, The Dallas World Aquarium is available for private events beginning at 6:00 PM. Spend an evening among marine life of the South Pacific, Great Barrier Reef, and the Red and Tasman Seas; take a stroll through a South American rainforest surrounded by lush vegetation, free-flying toucans, otters, crocodiles and several species of monkeys; or visit the Yucatan Peninsula and the highland rainforest of the ancient Maya.

The dining and event areas available at The Dallas World Aquarium allow for a multitude of culinary experiences. A Certificate of Occupancy (2,800) is adequate for unique accommodations of both seated service and informal functions. Catering services are provided by Daryl’s By Design. A Dallas-based catering company since 1985, expert in-house staff provide the ultimate attention to detail and creativity in presentation, cuisine and service. The dining and event areas include: Rainforest, Reef Room, Mundo Maya, and our new Endangered Species Gallery. Please provide more information here, or ask for the Special Events Team at (214) 720-2224

Endangered Species Gallery


Reef Room

Mundo Maya